The general definition of an audit is an evaluation of a person, organization, system, process, enterprise, project or product. The term most commonly refers to audits in accounting, but similar concepts also exist in project management, quality management, and energy conservation. – Wikipedia


SEO & Marketing Audit

From our experience we know that a lot of websites are not SEO & Marketing optimalized. Users have trouble to find a website in the search engine. Even if they will find it – they have problems with buying products. The most popular problems are :

Common SEO mistakes:

    1. – NO SEO at all – websites are not SEO friendly. This is very common webmasters mistake
    2. – Long Tail Keywords – websites loose a lot of traffic because their website isn’t properly optimalized to receive traffic from long tail keywords
    3. – Technical problems – big headers , useless images and “too much too many” factor.
    4. Marketing mistakes:
      1. Hidden BUY NOW buttons – people do not want to scan the whole website to buy product or service
      2. Lack of user-friendly layout
      3. No credibility – people do not trust you – you need to change it now!


Your website audit will contain :

Detailed Report:

          Instruction how to install Google Analytics with E-commerce module. If necessary we can install Google Analytics for you.

          You will receive detailed report with screenshots from your website  (live examples )

          Each report will be min. 20 pages* of detailed Audit of your website.

          We will provide you individual e-commerce plan for your website made by our e-commerce team of analytics with over 7+ years of experience.

          Analysis of:

  • Homepage
    • Code analysis with changes which have to be done
    • Interface analysis with changes which have to be done ( usability )
    • Content review
    • Improvement credibility and feeling of sure transaction for customer
  • Product cart ( if possible )
    • Content review
    • Code analysis and changes which have to be done
    • Marketing / Visual Changes to provide you easier way to checkout
    • Improvement of Checkout process
    • SEO changes in the code/template
    • Social Media
  • Category ( if possible)
    • Category and Subcategory Optimalization
    • Code analysis with changes which have to be done
    • Linking
    • Usability & User-Friendly Changes
  • Single page ( e.g : gallery, about us etc. )
    • General SEO / Code Optimalization
    • Usability Optimalization
  • Contact page
    • Easier and faster contact with support
    • Diversification of contact requests
    • Organization of the Contact Page Interface

*if possible


We are here to help you to get more conversions. We are the specialist in SEO & Marketing – successfully doing it for almost 7 years for hundreds of clients.

Please contact us to check what we can do for you to improve your business. We believe in effects not invoices!

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