Adwords campaigns are the most innovative ways of promoting your business in Google Search Engine and their other websites such as YouTube or Gmail. These advertising campaigns are mostly dedicated for e-commerce, new websites, sports events or for websites which needs quick results.

Adwords paid links can give you:

          The chance to choose any amount of keywords

          Get targeted traffic to your website

          Choose your budget monthly. You can change it every month

          You pay only for results ( actual visits )

          Different Ad formats. You can promote your website with banner or text.


How It Works?

We always try to be in touch with our client. We always listen to our clients. That is why you can give us your keywords. Keywords you believe bring the most money – we analyze them with our tools to get the most targeted, sales-friendly and low-competition keywords. From our experience we know that working with client is the way to get win-win scenario.

What are the costs?

You set the amount you would like to spend on AdWords. We are making sure that you get the most targeted traffic to your website. The traffic which will converts. You can change costs every month. Our company charges 30% ( not less than 150$ ) for managing your Adwords campaign.

What you are paying for ?


          We open Google Adwords account for you

          From the information we receive from you (optionally) and from our keyword research we send advanced keywords propose

          We do the Google Adwords Campaign Optimalization

          We create Ad content to bring the best conversion / traffic ratio

          We do the optimalization &analysis  during the campaign – we react with changes on the market and in Google algorithm

          On a request of our client – we install Google Analytics, which allows you to track your visitors – if the budget is greater than 500$ we do this for free

          We monitor & analyze the conversion from advertising ( if possible )

          We create monthly reports from AdWords campaign


Why you should us ?


          We do the most detailed research on the market. We use more than 10 tools to analyse and choose the most profitable keywords for your website

          We have more than 7+ years of experience with Adwords and PPC campaigns

          You will get highly targeted traffic to provide you only visitors which are interested in your product or service. This can be obtained from data which our team will collect about your website and your niche clients.

          We do provide the necessary changes in your code/website to lower the costs per click.

          We are working all the time to provide you the best PPC results. Each month we do experiments and test to provide you with the newest PPC techniques which will lower costs of your campaigns and bring more money for you.

          WE ALWAYS WORK FOR YOU.  If your site do not qualify to succeed on the market. We will help you and advice you to make changes and then we will organize the PPC campaigns.

          We trust that our client should profit from us – not opposite. EFFECTS FIRST THEN INVOICES.


We belive that every client is different and need unique IM Strategy.

Please contact us to get unique&professional quote for you.

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